What We Do

Technical design, Lighting design, Interior design, Project management

We at Archlite Design have outside of 20 years experience in design, programming and operating high-end concerts, rock n’ roll stadium and arena gigs, corporate events, theatre and opera productions. Although at our core we are a lighting company, we have been expanding in recent years and now can offer interior, lighting and audio design, and project management. Recently we have joined forces to work on projects with naval architects and engineers to design state of the art Super-Yaughts. We love the challenge of new and exciting ventures and over the last few years have been merging our talents with the architectural world to enhance classical and modern building design  to create the ultimate architectural lighting display. Whether it’s on land or sea we are prepared to take on any project and complete it with the utmost quality.

Our Aim
To provide unparalleled forward-thinking design.

What We Provide
We provide a complete visual package that uses high-end technology to create an unbelievable look into the future of possibilities. Using the best technology,  unrivalled experts and most exacting contacts and suppliers, we can provide a complete service from concept to opening-day. We have production management and subcontractors who are top of their league and therefore the process is seamless and stress free.

Our Passion
We at Archlite  live, sleep and dream beautiful and inspiring design. We believe in the quality of our products, providing reasonable, friendly and open service and that, whether you want us to think inside the box, outside the box or all around the box possibilities are endless!

The Team

Archlite Design has a talented team of industry experts, brought together from diverse backgrounds to ensure the highest standards.


Blue lighting
Trent O'Connor

Trent O'Connor


Australian born Trent  is the director of Archlite and has been immersed in the world of lighting since he was a young teenager. An exciting and expansive career to date spanning rock ‘n roll stadium concerts to architectural lighting, corporate to red-carpet events – you name it Trent has lit it.

Trent is a firm believer in providing superb quality of a product, as his work as a Lighting Director/operator for P!NK and Queen + Paul Rogers has demonstrated.

Trent is passionate about his work and treats all installations, gigs or events the same; with a keen designer’s eye for detail and technical excellence, culminating in whatever epic transformatory experience the client desires.


Whether a super-modern art gallery or crumbling ancient ruin, this Australian is keen to apply his lifetime’s knowledge of lighting using state of the art equipment with rock and roll wizardry, to create beauty, atmosphere and alchemy.

Sara Highlands

Interior Design and Project Management

Sara’s career started as a professional Musical theatre performer, working with Cameron Mackintosh and on shows such as We Will Rock you and Dirty Dancing to name a few. Having had hip surgery she decided to move into another field and went into Event management for a London based company. It was at this time her family’s ship building company had 4 vessels under construction and needed help with the interior fit out. She moved to Singapore and before she knew it she had taken on all the interior design, purchasing of the turnkey systems, galley equipment and running of the contractors directly. She hired a team from Vietnam to fabricate the furniture and had the bespoke items shipped to Indonesia where they where installed by her Indonesian carpenters. Saving the company over $2million USD but increasing the complement and elevating the design and standard. She has completed 4 vessels with a total complement of 1303 berths, producing some of the worlds finest Offshore Heavy Construction Vessels, Her strength is in knowing all aspects of building and not only designing the interiors but being involved in absolutely every aspect of its construction from blue prints to blue cushions and all the onsite bits in between!

Sara Highlands

Andy Graves

Axalight - Product Design and Manufacturing

Andy has 25 years experience in Sales & Marketing planning and activities of developing a worldwide sales distribution network and customer base. This includes global exhibitions, customer visits, technical demonstrations, website development, CRM systems, brochure design, advertisement design, lighting system design, lighting programming. With a strong client focused approach to assisting clients hands-on, to develop large lighting projects around the globe. Recent references include, Sava Bridge-Belgrade, Millenia Tower-Singapore, Ferrari World-Abu Dhabi, Halikarnas Superclub-Bodrum.

Jvan Morandi

Jvan has 25 years of lighting design experience at an international level. His work spans from opera and theatre to touring concerts and events.
His theatre and opera Lighting Design credits include: Royal National Theatre (London), Royal Exchange Manchester (Manchester), Teatro comunale Firenze (ITA), Teatro La Scala Milano (ITA), Royal Opera House (London), Teatro Parque de La Reina (Valencia, Spain), New Zealand international theatre (NZ), Singapore litterature Festival (MA), Bilbao Opera House (Spain).
His work on Lighting and Show design for concert touring includes: Faithless, Roni Size Reparazent, Magnetic Man, Placebo, Rosin Murphy, Warpaint, Travis, The Kooks, Jean MIchel Jarre, Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry,
Corporate Art events for : Reuter, Swatch, Fiat, Cirque De Soleil, Oxo Tower events, Heineken Music Festivals, Macallan distilleries

Andreas Gruber

Technical Designer

Andrew Whittaker

Naval Architect/Project Manager

A knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience in the custom high-tech Marine and Composites industry with a specialist knowledge in structural engineering and production. Likes new challenges and is self-motivated. Now looking to enhance and further this role. High end composites and luxury bespoke design is my passion and the area that I have had extensive experience in over my working career.


James Highlands

Naval Engineering and Project Management

The considerable experience derived during the 25 years since obtaining my professional qualifications has been obtained whilst working for Coastline Maritime, a ship construction company based in Singapore. Their area of expertise is in vessel construction, conversion and maintenance for the offshore industry.

Hunter Frith

Event Design/Project Management
Hunter Frith
Ola Braaten

Ola Braaten


Ola is currently working as a set and lighting designer, specialising in stage design for live performances. He has been in the business for 20 years.

Before obtaining his MFA in Theatre Design for Yale University, Ola was already designing for the stage, working with shows domestic and abroad.

Ola has a broad design experience stretching from theatre, dance, concerts, events to live television. For the last three years he has been designing the stage for the largest annual music competition on TV in Norway. Melodi Grand Prix (MGP), televised on NRK.

His passion for both architecture and lighting puts him in a unique position when looking at the design as a whole.